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MTB Club Mehring & Trailpark Mehring

The MTB Club Mehring e.V. was formed in 2006 from a group of mountain bikers. In 2013, the trail park Mehring was founded in close cooperation with the local and association municipality and the forestry association. There are now several trails with a total length of more than 5 kilometres. The traffic light on the right-hand side of our website indicates when a visit to the trail park is possible.

Enduro Beginner trail with smooth, natural turns, small jumps and wooden elements that are easy to get used to. Advanced riders also have a lot of fun here.

Moshtrail Our guarantee for fun. The mega smooth trail winds down the mountain in fun turns and always follows the natural features of the forest. Jumps here are small to medium-sized. Zinkers, waves and curves want to be “moshed” by you.

Traverse Narrow, technically demanding trail with a few key sections that are absolutely addictive.

Almost no “built” jumps, but lots of flowy and dips that invite you to get off.

Freeride Airtime is here! Roadgap, Stepdown, Table or Double? Here you can go up to 10m through the air. In between, there is also plenty of opportunity to collect airtime. Dozens of kickers, tables, doubles, drops and lush berms await you.

Blueline The easiest of our 5 trails and therefore ideal for children and beginners. The Blue Line is a smooth trail with a moderate gradient. The trail is also fun for experienced riders and immediately gives you a “rollercoaster feeling”!


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