Zermatt MTB Region

Surrounded by 38 mountain peaks over 4000 m, Zermatt – Matterhorn is a paradise for mountain bikers at the foot of the Matterhorn. Ideal for children and beginners to learn mountain biking – perfect for advanced riders to refine their technique. There is something for everyone here.

The village of Zermatt

Zermatt, it has something magical in itself, it’s a bit of an odd village and certainly not meant in a negative way. It is a car-free village, there are all narrow often electric cars driving through the narrow streets. That, of course, gives a big advantage that you don’t get run over everywhere by fat PC. Main Street tractors everywhere. Because if you were allowed to go there by car, they would definitely have been there! The village comes across as luxurious, with lots of nice shops and lovely terraces. The shopping streets are car and bike free (the latter we find less cool…).

The village is in a dead-end valley with the giant Matterhorn sort of watching over it. Don’t be tempted to think this is the highest peak! Our guide, Erik from MTBverbier managed to tell us that it is (if you look at the Matterhorn) behind you. Slightly less sexy…. The highest peak, though. Switzerland’s highest mountain is the 4634-metre-high Dufourspitze. It is part of the Monte Rosa massif that lies on the border with Italy.

Mountain biking and downhill riding for everyone

The Matterhorn area is a great place for mountain biking! It is a ski resort with a lot of lifts and, like almost all other areas, these are open in summer for mountain bikers and hikers. There are super fun rollercoaster-like trails where beginners can practice and advanced riders can fly full speed. We especially like the more natural trails (including hiking trails). 

Helidrop from Zermatt

When we were there, 1 lift was broken so we could go up by helicopter. Very cool of course but very expensive (125,- euros I believe) for a single ticket up… On Trails Zermatt you can find beautiful trails in the region and also on trailforks there are several marked. However, this area has much more to offer than what can be found on these 2 sites. So if you really want to get the most out of the region, a guide is a must!

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