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Yes that’s us! Well the 3 of us, on the left Bram van Boekolt our text writer for Trail-Addicts.com, 2nd from the right that’s Nico Rooks and on the right thats Rik Harms. Rik and Nico are the owners of the mountainbike magazine trail-addicts.com, a dutch based mountainbike magazine. We run this magazine over more then 10 years now with all the pleasure that we have. We truly love mountain biking :). 

Secrettrails.eu is created because we missed something in the mountainbike industry. Finding a local guide or find out which guiding companies are available in a specific region can be a hassle! So we tought, why shouldn’t we bring the rider and the guides together. A simple and complete overview where you can find and book directly your new mountainbike adventure! 

After many years riding all over Europe we started to find out the best places to ride. Offcource there are still many places to visit, but at least our experience in the business will help to found out what’s good and what’s not. One of the main things is gathering reviews. Because the more opinions you have the more information about quality you get. We thrive to find the best places and guides for you!

Our personal favorites? Well after many years of visiting Verbier this is one of our favorite places to be, the second place goes to Finale Ligure. The Italian trails and vibe are simply unmatchable! Besides that we love to do some Enduro races on occasion, like the Enduro race in Davos.

Most photo’s on this website are made by Gijs Ferkranus.

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