Bike Park Campo Felice

The SWUP BIKE PARK located on the side of the BRECCIARA chairlift boasts a respectable BIKE POINT ASSISTANCE, where in addition to technical assistance, you can find all the equipment including bikes and various protections, specific for tackling our routes safely. In addition to the bar/restaurant, and the relaxation area with parasols and sun loungers, there is a Wash Point for cleaning bikes.

BEGINNERS’ ROUTE Easy route with a low gradient suitable for beginners and novices of all ages, with the possibility of ascending via the Brecciara chairlift through the new tunnel.

CONNECTING ROUTE Junction route starting at the arrival point of the Brecciara chairlift.

A LINE DH slope

C LINE Free Ride route more suitable for those who love technique and not just speed.

CUP LINE A track built 80% by mechanical means, this characteristic makes it wide, smooth and full of parabolics, suitable both for speed lovers and for those who want to begin to gain confidence in this sport. A track that hosted, for the first time in central Italy, the 2010 “Coppa Italia Down Hill” stage.

B LINE DH track, the most used due to its walkability, also dedicated to competitions.

GASOLINE Hybrid track, a cross between down hill and slope style, suitable for training and for getting more and more familiar with the air, aims to be the bikepark’s flagship…try it to believe it.

CHUPA LINE A freeride route suitable for everyone, characterised by its rhythmicity and its variants equipped with ramps and drops, it will lull beginners and excite the more experienced.

BABY LINE An easy route with parabolics and mini-bridges set up at the departure point of the Brecciara chairlift, dedicated to children and beginners, and served by the tapis roulant lift.

FORK MICCIA A cross-country route suitable for those who enjoy off-road racing in all its variety, a rideable ring that goes around the bike park for about 25 km, offering breathtaking climbs and endless descents and a landscape that will leave you speechless.

SNOWTUBING Slope for downhill rafts with a synthetic surface and equipped with parabolics, served by a tapis roulant lift and suitable for everyone, adults and children.

FUN KIDS AREA Play area for children from the youngest to the oldest, equipped with trampolines, swings, slides, inflatables and games.

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Two bikers with view over the orobiealps
Mountain bike in the Orobie alps
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two persons biking in the italian alps
E-Mountain bike transfer in the Italian Alps
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enduro Finale Ligure
Rideonnoli Finale Ligure Shuttle
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Morzine MTB Beds
MTB Beds Italy
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Molini guided tours Italy
Molini guided tours Italy
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Wolf Trails Italy
Wolf Trails Italy
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