Top 5 Mountainbike spots in Germany

Top 5 Mountain Bike spots in Germany: Where’s the best mountain biking in Germany?

Okay the title might not be quite correct. Because, we also look at “travel versus cool trails riding” distance. Better known as the “best price-quality” story but in kilometres from here versus trail quality. Germany is a big country which, like France, has a lot to offer. Yet Germany’s top list looks considerably different. Many areas are more low mountain ranges because the real Alps are in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France (among others because we’re probably forgetting 1).

The Eifel as a mountianbike region


The Eifel is a volcanic mountain range stretching from just below Cologne to halfway to Luxembourg. The Eifel is not only German, a small part of it is also in Belgium. We ourselves visit 2 places in this region the most, Monschau and Nideggen.

Monschau is better known for the town itself where numerous half-timbered houses stand in a beautiful historic centre. This historic town lies in a valley with plenty of beautiful thickly wooded hills surrounding it. This area lends itself perfectly to hikers and mountain bikers. Unfortunately, we must point out that cycling is not really allowed almost anywhere.


Nideggen is an area that treats you to beautiful views and a true bikepark-like descent with plenty of fat jumps and drops in it. Furthermore, the area is simply beautiful with coniferous forests, making the surface often doable all year round.

Willingen and Winterberg bikeparks

These 2 need no introduction of course, they are widely known bikeparks where many an Enduro and or Downhill rider has started the next step in the mountain bike sport.

Check here all information about bikepark Winterberg

Check here all information about bikepark Willingen

 Mountain bike area Witten

Not so far across the border from the Netherlands is Witten. By not so far, we mean relatively speaking then… It will still be a good 60 kilometres after all. Despite that, this area is perhaps the best location to ride fat Enduro trails in the wider area. There is a very active group of trails builders going on in the region that continuously builds new trails and maintains the old ones.

The Harz mountains

The Harz Mountains should definitely not be missing from this list! Located in the middle of Germany. This region is characterised by its small winter sports locations and for exactly that reason there are several areas with lifts. And exactly those lifts they use in the summer of hikers and the bike parks they have built underneath. In the Harz Mountains, we recommend 2 spots specifically:


Bikepark Brainlage

Bikepark Sankt Andreas Berg

Mountain biking in Bad Iburg

Of course, we cannot forget this one! Bad Iburg is definitely a good spot to go for a ride. There is a big advantage to the area and that is the fact that almost all trails are accessible from 1 mountain back. There is an awful lot there. We do hear from various sources that trails are very actively destroyed by forestry there, but fortunately new trails are being created all the time. That means that the GPX that can be requested here: GPX Bad Iburg might not be entirely reliable. It will, however, be able to provide some guidance.

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